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Digital Print Floral Maxi Dress in 2 colours

Image of Digital Print Floral Maxi Dress in 2 colours

This satin long Maxi dress has a lovely silky feel.

The beautiful digital floral print is on a stunning black or in a pink colour fabric with a red and pink colour floral design and is very unique.

The arms are full length and the fabric is not transparent so it is a really comfortable and modest dress.

The neck on this dress is a V neck with overlapping fabric so perfect for nursing mummies.

The dress has a detachable matching belt which creates a elegant silhouette.

The dress has a lot of fabric on the lower half of the dress so it is really flowy when you walk.

The dress is approximately 58 inches long.

This dress is one size, so it will fit a size 8 to 14 UK.