Welcome to Beau Accessories online jewellery and fashion store.

A little online store started in a bedroom in April 2014.

The name 'Beau' was inspired from my trip to Paris with my sisters and I loved it! Something different and representing what I love - 'Beautiful' Accessories.

I have always believed in making an impressive statement! In my more youthful days since High School (15 years ago) you would never find me without wearing jewellery, and that different everyday too, so I got this idea to sell online, considering I had worked for two big companies on their website side of things I had a little faith in myself.

My love and passion for jewellery and fashion is reflected in my collection.

I personally choose each and every piece, examine it and then decide if it is good enough to represent Beau Accessories.

I always ensure the fashion pieces I stock is the most stylish, high quality, affordable and eye-catching to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Thankyou to each and every soul out there who chooses to purchase from me, you are making my dreams come true one necklace and kimono at a time.

Elevate out of the ordinary and wear Beau Accessories x